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Hate Clutter?

Do you feel FRUSTRATED by rummaging through that messy container cupboard searching for a lid that fits?​

These eco-friendly, microwave-safe, colour-coded collapsible containers will declutter and double your kitchen space so you will  feel that frustration!

Lisa P.


“Absolutely love my Flat Stacks – Amazing product. I love how much space they save in my cupboards, they’re really strong and you can feel the quality of them and they look great in the kitchen.”

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Do you answer yes to
any of the following?

Do you answer yes to any of the following?

Are you sick of feeling frustrated fishing through messy drawers trying to find a matching lid and container?

Would you like to have a clean, organised tupperware cupboard?

Are you sick of wasting money replacing plastic containers that become discoloured and smelly?

Plastic Containers are not only frustrating...

They’re terrible for the environment and potentially dangerous for you and your family

They cost a lot more
over long term

They take over 1000
years to break down

They're potentially harmful
to our health

Silicone is the perfect solution

It's stronger, more durable and much
longer lasting >>> saving you money

Less plastic ending up in landfill, oceans and forests

100% food safe and BPA free >> breathe easy knowing
your family is safedisease.


so you’ll never again have to rummage through that nightmare

cupboard trying to find a matching lid and container.

so you’ll never again have to rummage through that nightmarecupboard trying to find a matching lid and container.

You can microwave with

the lid on

You just need to lift the air valve to release the steam. No messy accidents to clean up and no toxic cling film.

Safe, strong, durable and

long lasting

They’re strong, durable, long lasting and are backed by a 5-year warranty saving youmoney and helping the environment.

They’re 100% airtight

So you can keep your food fresher for longer and that means $$ saved on every shop!


Collapse it down with the food inside. No wasted space, no extra containers and no extra washing up!

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The best-selling signature set

The two best-selling signature sets contains the 6 most useful sizes, perfect for everything from packed lunches to leftovers and baby food to cold-cuts:



11.5 x 6.8 cm




13.5 x 6.8 cm




15.5 x 7cm

114 g



17.5 x 7.4cm



1200 ml

17.5 x 7.4cm



1200 ml

17.5 x 7.4cm


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470 of 500 Free Gifts Remaining
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Risk Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This purchase is completely risk free. If you don’t love your Flat Stacks you can return them within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose.

Risk Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Flat Stacks bases are made of silicone, not plastic. Silicone is a strong, flexible and durable material that can withstand extreme heat and cold without bending or cracking so it’s very long-lasting. Unlike plastic containers, Flat Stacks will last you many years so you won’t need to replace them saving you money and helping the environment. Silicone is also BPA free which means it’s non-toxic and safe for you and your family. The Flat Stacks lids are made of a BPA free plastic.

Silicone is a very durable and long lasting material. We give you a 5 year warranty so you can be guaranteed they will last at least that long. However we expect with average use they will last you upwards of 10 years making them a great investment as they will save you money over the long term on replacing plastic containers that become warped and discoloured.

When you buy direct from us with this special offer we give you an extended 5 Year Warranty. This covers both the bases and the lids for any faults or failures from normal usage.

Yes both the bases and lids are BPA free.

Yes they are, when microwaving make sure the air vent is open to release the steam.

No they cannot currently be used in the oven however we are working on a special range for the oven in the future so be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to hear when they’re released.

We’re a family owned Australian company based on the Gold Coast. Unfortunately the only place we have been able to find that can make them is in China, however we are currently trying to have them made locally in Australia.

For this special offer we are including Fast Free Delivery. We typically send out all orders the same or next business day. From that point it depends on where you live and how busy Australia Post is. Most customers receive their orders in 3-7 days from when we send it however if you’re in a more remote part of Australia it can take longer. Also, COVID has been affecting delivery times and so it may take a little longer than usual. We always use tracked delivery so you will be able to check where your parcel is at all times.

So... what are you waiting for?

This is the best value offer on Flat Stacks ever, guaranteed! With this offer you can replace your entire plastic container cupboard with smart collapsible silicone containers that:

Will declutter and double your kitchen space so you will never have to experience frustration of searching for a matching lid ever again!!!

Are safer and better for you and the environment.

Will last you for many, many years and seve you money.

AND… even if they last for the 5 years that they’re covered under warranty, it works out to only $0.18 per week!

Here's a recap of everything you'll get

When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!

470 of 500 Free Gifts Remaining
496 of 500

Signature Set of 4 – $59.95 value

Snack Pack of 3 – $59.95 value

Digital Cookboock (PDF) – $59.95 value

5 year extended warranty – $59.95 value

Free tracked delivery* – $59.95 value

Total Value = $164.90

But today, you’re getting all of this for only $49.97

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